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Mike Tomlin: Antonio Brown’s cleats controversy ‘irrelevant’


Mike Tomlin made it clear he has no time to either worry about or discuss how Antonio Brown keeps having to change his cleats during games, calling the entire issue “irrelevant.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach was asked Tuesday if he plans to talk to Brown about the cleats issue, given it has been three straight weeks where an NFL official has informed Brown he had to change out of his customized cleats or be removed from the game.

“On game day, we’re trying to win games,” Tomlin said, via ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. “At some point during the game, they had an issue with the shoes that he was wearing, that was relayed to us, I relayed that to him, he changed his shoes, we went about our day. I know some of it’s interesting commentary. You guys can have at it. But don’t expect us to participate or be enthusiastic participants in it. Because, really, it’s irrelevant. Guys change shoes in the midst of games all the time. They change gloves, they take gloves on, they take gloves off, they wear wristbands, they don’t wear wristbands; it was a non-issue for us. It was as minimal a thing as what I just described to you guys.”

The NFL’s reputation as being a “No Fun League” is again becoming a big talker. In between Antonio Brown being fined for his patented end zone celebrations to a Cleveland Browns wide receiver openly mocking the league over said fines to Brown and others, it’s clear the league has an issue between balancing a strict adherence to the rule book and allowing players to put on a show.

As far as Brown and his cleats are concerned, last Sunday’s were in tribute to Muhammad Ali.

Brown has since confirmed he will donate the cleats to Ali’s alma mater.

A happy ending, indeed.