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Warriors owner Joe Lacob: Other owners mad over Kevin Durant signing


The Golden State Warriors sent shock waves throughout the NBA when it created to the superteam to end all superteams with the signing of Kevin Durant. According to Warriors owner Joe Lacob, the team’s ability to swoop in and sign the offseason’s most coveted free agent left his fellow NBA owners a little angry with him.

“I know there are a lot of other owners and teams that are mad at us, at me,” Lacob said Monday, via CSN Bay Area. “I felt that very much when I was in Las Vegas this summer.”

Lacob actually followed up his comment by offering an apology of sorts when discussing his ownership colleagues’ collective unhappiness with the Warriors, but it seems like it likely will ring hollow.

“Sorry, we got him,” he said. “We worked hard until we got him.”

Lacob’s comments come about the same time as Durant admitting he was happy the Warriors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. From Durant’s perspective, had they won, he might not be on the team.

And if that was the case, what would Lacob’s fellow NBA owners have to indignantly rally around?

It merits noting that the Warriors have cultivated a reputation of making arguably sarcastic apologies, so Lacob’s perceptively half-hearted apology seems in tune with the company line.

And to be perfectly honest, for what exactly does Lacob have to apologize? That he and the front office put in maximum effort within league to rules to improve the team? That seems like a silly thing to be sorry for, right?

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