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DeMarcus Cousins strolls by Kevin Durant presser, shakes head (vid)


The Sacramento Kings faced the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night in preseason action, losing by a score of 105-96. Shortly after the game, DeMarcus Cousins was caught on camera appearing amused while shaking his head as he strolled by Kevin Durant fielding questions from reporters.

While it’s easy to jump to conclusions concerning the Kings center’s reaction, there could be entirely different reasons for his reaction.

Most people after watching the video probably assume Cousins speaks for many and that he’s shaking in his head in disbelief over just bearing witness of how formidable the Warriors have become after adding Durant to their already considerable cadre of superstars.

But ESPN’s Ethan Strauss, who originally posted the video to Instagram, has a slightly different take.

Strauss took to Twitter to forward the theory that Cousins’ reaction had more to do with his friendship with Durant than any semblance of jealousy, envy or disbelief.

While Strauss’ take certainly has its merits, it merits noting that most people would understand — not to mention sympathize — if Cousins’ reaction simply was an expression of utter shock and dismay to the notion that Durant is in fact now a member of the  Warriors.

You know, as opposed to just a bad dream for NBA players who have to go up against that dynamic NBA team juggernaut.

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