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Fan creates fantastic Cubs-themed version of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ (vid)


A Chicago Cubs fan has created a fantastic team-themed version of classic video game “Super Mario Bros.” just in time for the NLDS.

No Cubs-centric detail is spared in”Super Cubbie Bros.” All instances of a “? Block” appearing feature the Cubs logo. The Chicago skyline is prominently featured in the background. Even the Goombas are regaled in San Francisco Giants caps in light of the Cubs’ NLDS opponent.

When Mario goes down into a tunnel, he collects coins inside a Wrigley Field bathroom, highlighted by the ballpark’s patented long urinals. And when Mario reaches the end of the level and jumps on the flagpole, the flag of course bears the Giants’ logo. Mario then enters the “Wrigley Field” castle.

The video is the brainchild of a YouTube sensation who goes by Johnny Fitz Live, who rose to prominence — especially among Cubs fans — largely due to his spectacular “Chicago Cubs Punch-Out” and “Card Hunt” videos, inspired by “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” and “Duck Hunt,” respectively, from last season’s run in the playoffs.

The only question remains: Who would Bowser be in a Cubs-themed “Super Mario Bros.” universe? The answer to that question likely will have to wait until we see who the Cubbies play should they reach the World Series.

Not that any sensible Cubs fan would ever consider thinking that far ahead.

Game 1 of the Cubs-Giants NLDS series is Friday night at Wrigley Field. Until then, perhaps Cubs backers can ease the tension by firing up their NES. If they have one.

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