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Alex Ovechkin’s golf swing easily as bad as Charles Barkley’s (vid)


Alexander Ovechkin is without question one of the best hockey players in the world. But unlike many other NHLers whose on-ice talents translate to the golf course, the Washington Capitals superstar … well … not so much.

Video originally posted to Instagram by Ovechkin himself  — which shows he has a sense of humor about it all — more than adequately documented his terrible golf swing. Standing on the tee box, Ovi takes the driver back cautiously and in a herky-jerky motion — only about hip-high, mind you — before whiffing entirely.

To be fair, once Ovechkin recovers from the ugly drive attempt, he does compose himself — helped by a goofy little waggle, perhaps — and actually hits a pretty decent drive, despite the sub-par swing.

It’s amazing Ovechkin got the ball that far out in light of the tentative swing he puts on the ball.

Suffice to say, Charles Barkley some serious competition in the “Worst Golf Swing by an Athlete Ever” department.

The case can be made, however, that Barkley still reigns supreme over Ovechkin in the pantheon of terrible athlete golfers due to the fact the NHL star hit a hole-in-one the first time he ever golfed.

Watch Ovi ace a during the Caps Care Classic on the par-3, 160-yard fourth hole at the Springfield Golf and Country Club in Springfield, Va., back in 2006.

Not too shabby. But it doesn’t change the fact Ovechkin has one awful golf swing.

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