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St. Louis confirms redesign of nightmare fuel Billiken mascot


St. Louis University has heard the backlash over its recently introduced redesign of the school’s once lovable, seemingly harmless Billiken mascot, and it appears a response is coming with a redesign of the redesign.

The new Billiken mascot was met with near-universal negative reviews, with many pointing out its terrifying appearance is nothing short of nightmare fuel.

The official Twitter account of the Billiken mascot even cracked wise at the initial response.

St. Louis University president Fred Pestello earlier this week took to Twitter to hint that a redesign is in the offing.

Via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The video, filmed at the St. Louis Zoo, served as the official statement. Pestello kept it light, interviewing animals to pinpoint “ideal traits” for the mascot and landing on lovable, popular, entertaining, competitive and unique.

In the end, he revealed to a sea lion, “I think I know what we need to do now. Stay tuned.”

Pestello then confirmed the redesign on Wednesday.

“SLU has heard the comments from alumni and students who care about the Billiken,” Pestello said in a message to the Post-Dispatch. “We are pursuing changes to the mascot. However, the award-winning new Billiken logo that debuted in November will remain unchanged.”

The redesign of the Billiken mascot isn’t the first time a mascot’s appearance has been met with terror (see here and here). And as was the case with the New Orleans Pelicans’ terrifying mascot, it appears the Billkien-spawned nightmare fuel debacle will have a happy ending as well.