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LeBron James weighs in on David Blatt accepting championship ring


LeBron James shrugged off any potential controversy over the news that David Blatt will get a Cleveland Cavaliers a championship ring.

The Cavaliers superstar was asked Wednesday for his reaction concerning Blatt’s decision to “graciously” accept a ring despite being fired after midway into the team’s championship run, despite posting a 30-11 record. James essentially stated it’s not up to him to decide such matters.

“That’s an organizational thing and if that’s what they wanted to do then we’re all for it,” James said following 117-102 preseason win over the Orlando Magic, via’s Joe Vardon. “Who am I to say who can or can’t get a ring?”

Blatt evidently was reluctant to accept the Cavs’ offer of a ring. But his replacement, Tyronn Lue, convinced him to take it.

“I had to fight him a little bit,” Lue said. “He didn’t want to do it. But he definitely deserves one. I’m glad he accepted it and I’m glad the organization is going to get him one.”

James and Blatt seemingly never saw eye-to-eye during the coach’s season-and-a-half tenure with the Cavaliers. The superstar appeared to undermine Blatt’s authority on a handful of occasions. It was a widely held belief that James, whether intentionally or not, played some role in Blatt’s dismissal. James later denied playing any role in the sudden coaching change.

It merits noting that Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert will give out championship rings to over 1,000 team employees. Given Blatt led the Cavaliers to an NBA Finals appearance and seemingly was on the way to do it again before his dismissal, the case can be made he deserves some credit for the team’s success last season. And with that, arguably a ring as well.