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Tom Brady flaunts Super Bowl rings in new commercial (vid)


Tom Brady has at long last returned this week from his four-game Deflategate suspension. And perhaps it’s no coincidence a new commercial has surfaced in which the New England Patriots quarterback shamelessly flaunts his four Super Bowl rings.

The new spot is for Shields Health Care and features Brady sitting in a waiting room at a clinic.

When his name is called by a nurse, he approaches the counter where he is asked ahead of an MRI exam to remove all his jewelry, which of course consists of the aforementioned four Super Bowl rings that Brady apparently wears all the time.

Once Brady removes all four rings, the nurse asks, “Is that all?” Brady, in a response that surely will rankle every Patriots hater under the sun, replies “For now.”

“We’re gonna need to get you a bigger locker,” the nurse observes, although the locker is clearly large enough to house many more rings.

In other words, this commercial in essence is exactly why the Patriots are loved by their fans and why some NFL fans can’t stand the organization. Success breeds contempt in one’s rivals. And watching Brady obnoxiously slip four Super Bowl rings off his fingers, while humorous, likely inspires envy in fans of every other NFL team.

But let’s just say it’s unlikely that the Brady, not to mention the Patriots, will lose any sleep over it. In fact, this commercial quite possibly could bring a smile, or at least an amused smirk, to the face of Bill Belichick.

Okay, probably not.

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