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LeBron James: Cavs haven’t discussed plans for national anthem


With the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first preseason game Wednesday night, LeBron James said the team hasn’t yet decided on what they will do, if anything, during the national anthem. If fact, James claims the team hasn’t even discussed it.

“If it comes up we can talk about it,” James said, via’s Chris Fedor. “But it hasn’t come up. I don’t know.”

James was informed of how members of the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks lined up together with their arms around each other ahead of their game Tuesday night as a sign of unity.

James says he didn’t see it, adding it’s not up to him to bring up the topic of unity and the like with his teammates.

“I think we have great unity in our group, but if it’s something the guys want to talk about and bring up then I’m not going to — I don’t feel like it needs to be brought up in our locker room,” James said. “I know what guys believe in and what we’re all about, but if it’s brought up as something to talk about then we can talk about it.”

The Rockets and Knicks weren’t the only NBA teams to use the anthem to showcase unity. Players and coaches for the Boston Celtics locked arms during the playing of the anthem.

James previously stated he understands why athletes have been inspired by Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the anthem. In fact, James specifically expressed admiration for Kaepernick, calling him “very educated, very smart, very candid, very demanding about what he wanted to do.”

But James, despite his kind words, nevertheless intends to stand during the anthem. The same can be said for Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who stated he will continue to stand for the anthem but will support any of his players who choose not to do so.

The anthem controversy obviously has been one of the biggest stories of the NFL season. And with the 2016-17 NBA season set to get underway, expect more of the same in some way, shape or form.