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Doc Rivers appears to criticize Warriors for blowing out Clippers


Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers appeared to criticize the Golden State Warriors for playing Tuesday’s exhibition game as if it were a regular season match-up.

Rivers’ perceived unhappiness likely was due in part by how his team got blown out by a score of 120-75. Newcomer Kevin Durant led the way in his debut at Oracle Arena in a Warriors uniform with a solid overall performance, finishing 21 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, two blocks and a steal in 24 minutes. Klay Thompson contributed 30 points in 21 minutes and Stephen Curry played 23 minutes with a stat line of 14 points, five rebounds, five assists and three steals.

Although instead of pointing fingers at the Warriors, Rivers alternatively could have simply stuck to only ripping his own players’ performance. The Clippers finished the game converting on only 25 of their 77 shots, an effort Rivers deemed “terrible.”

The fact that the Clippers found themselves down 89-36 at one point during the third quarter didn’t help matters, either.

Despite Rivers’ protests, the Warriors have every right to treat an exhibition game as they see fit. As the old saying goes, if a team doesn’t want its opponent to run up the score, the solution is simple: Stop them from scoring, even if it is only the preseason.

It also merits noting that the Warriors perhaps relish running up the score on the Clippers. After all, it was Rivers who argued the Warriors were benefactors of good luck while winning the NBA title two seasons ago, a notion Curry outright mocked. It also isn’t the first time Rivers was left in a sour mood after watching his Clippers get run out of the gym by the Warriors.

And if this preseason performance is any indicator of how the Warriors will play in the regular season? Look out.