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Steve Kerr favors shortening NBA preseason to limit back-to-backs


Count Steve Kerr among the critics who feel there are too many exhibition games in the NBA preseason.

The Golden State Warriors head coach recently sounded off on what he believes is an excessive amount of preseason games. Kerr believes limiting the exhibition season to five games instead of eight would enable the NBA to start the regular season early. And in doing so, would foster a situation where the need for back-to-back games would decrease.

“I kind of like the idea that’s been tossed around the last couple summers to start the regular season a little earlier, maybe a week early,” Kerr said after Warriors practice Thursday, via the San Francisco Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been hinting as far back as last October the league may shorten the preseason schedule. Kerr suggests a month of preseason practice and exhibition games isn’t necessary in this day and age given how players work so hard to remain in shape during the offseason.

“A month is usually enough time to get their legs underneath them,” he said, adding, “starters will be ready to play 30-plus minutes” with that setup.

Preseasons in all professional sports have been rightly subject to criticism for being far too long. Making a switch from eight exhibitions in the NBA preseason to only five isn’t a bit switch. And it might just help players in the long run over the tough slog of an 82-game regular season. Kerr certainly seems to believe so, and odds are good there are many others who agree with him in the NBA community.

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