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Browns fan adds headstones to update ‘Cleveland QB Graveyard’ (pic)


A Cleveland Browns fan has made it an annual Halloween tradition to decorate his yard with gravestones to illustrate his favorite NFL team’s horrible luck when it comes to quarterbacks. With the Browns again experiencing disappointing developments on the starting quarterback front early on this season, it’s become a labor of love for him to simply keep pace.

The Browns already are on their third starting quarterback only three games into the season. Cody Kessler now is getting the nod to line up under center after Cleveland saw Robert Griffin III and Josh McCown go down with injuries. The team has even signed Charlie Whitehurst, a/k/a “Clipboard Jesus,” to shore up the depleted quarterbacking corps.

While Whitehurst has yet to make a start — although it can’t be ruled out he could at some point — the “Cleveland QB Graveyard” has been updated to include RG3, McCown and Kessler.

The Browns fan behind the graveyard, Tony Timoteo, provided evidence via Twitter of the added gravestones.

Timoteo admitted earlier this season that the “work never ends” when it comes to keeping the graveyard up to date. With Halloween over a month away, it would be foolish to rule out the possibility that one more gravestone very well could be added to the already mockingly macabre scene.

The Browns fan behind a jersey that hung in a Cleveland storefront documenting the organization’s futility with quarterbacks has officially retired the practice of adding names to an old Tim Couch jersey. A tough task, indeed, given the Browns have started over 25 quarterbacks since 1999, beginning with Couch and ending (for now) with Kessler.

And now, due to the jersey’s retirement, the “Cleveland QB Graveyard” is all that’s left that allows fans to properly mourn the cursed existence of any player who lines up under center for the team.

Spooky stuff.

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