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Eric Decker’s wife again sharing intimate details of couple’s marriage


Jessie James Decker has never been bashful over revealing intimate details about her marriage to New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker. So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising she has done so once again, this time detailing how the couple makes sure to make time for … themselves.

“We plan these nights,” she recently told Us Weekly, via the New York Post. “I’ll send him a message and be like, ‘Babe, it’s on tonight!’”

The country music singer recently made some pretty graphic comments about a certain part of her husband’s anatomy as she celebrated Decker’s touchdown reception in the Jets’ victory over the Buffalo Bills a few weeks ago.

As mentioned, Decker’s better half is no stranger to speaking out about her husband, although usually not in such scandalous ways as this latest instance. Although there was the one time she revealed that she regularly manscapes her NFL star hubby.

Also, when Decker became the target of Jets fans’ ire on social media, she fired back at all the “haters” on Twitter.

She also once revealed that Decker was “depressed” over the Jets’ miserable 2014 season, prompting the wide receiver to come to his wife’s defense, something he has felt inclined to do on occasion.

In other words, perhaps her providing intimate details of their love life isn’t such a bad thing.

Eric Decker isn’t any stranger to bawdy talk, either, as he’s made some interesting comments on social media about his wife over the summer.