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Cubs fan gets World Series champs tattoo because of course he did (vid)


The Chicago Cubs enter the MLB postseason as the prohibitive favorites to win the World Series, but that doesn’t make a fan’s decision to tempt fate and awake curses by getting a tattoo prematurely touting the team as 2016 world champions.

A guy named Noel based in Des Moines, Iowa, was the lucky “winner” of a contest held by 1460 KXNO where a Cubs fan would receive a free World Series champs tattoo simply for having the guts — or lack of good sense — to actually have such a thing inked onto their body.

Here’s video of Noel explaining why he’d do such a thing as get a Cubs’ World Series champs tattoo given it has been 108 years since the last time it happened.

And here is the end result.


Fantastic. Kind of. The nod to Harry Caray courtesy of the “Holy Cow” message is nice, though. As is the “Curse Broken” mention.

While Noel’s faith is commendable, he arguably would have been far better served if his Cubs’ World Series champs tattoo was a bit more open-ended, like the boastful-but-cautious ink of this Cubs fan.

Perhaps more foresight was needed here, as was the case for this Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Because predictive tattoos boasting of future championship glory rarely ends up with a happy ending. Just ask this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy, as their respective boastful tattoo predictions didn’t pan out for them.

After all, rarely does it happen that folks who get title tattoos make out like this Seahawks fan.

But in the end, as far as this confident Cubs fan is concerned, what’s the worse that could happen?

Don’t answer that.

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