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Rams won’t allow other rookie QBs’ success alter plan for Jared Goff


Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher made it clear the team plans to stay the course with Jared Goff despite the relative success of fellow rookie quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott.

Goff, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, is sitting at No. 2 on the Rams depth chart. Despite Case Keenum’s struggles and the splashes made by the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys rookie signal-callers, Fisher insists the Rams have a plan for Goff and are sticking to it.

No,” Fisher said when asked if successes of other rookie QBs have influenced his perspective, via “I spoke on that. I’m happy for young quarterbacks when they have success, but we have our own sense of timing here with him.”

Fisher went on to point out that specific circumstances have led other teams to play their young quarterbacks early, something the Rams haven’t had to face.

“The quarterbacks are having success because of injuries,” he continued. “As I mentioned last week, had we not had the injuries that we did in the league, probably all four of those quarterbacks either would be inactive or backups.”

Regardless of the circumstances that led to teams playing young quarterbacks, specifically Wentz and Prescott, those inexperienced players are winning some games while gaining valuable experience.

Reports ahead of the season suggested Goff may not even be activated for a game this season, let alone play. But that all changed after Goff leapfrogged Sean Mannion to land the backup slot. This arguably indicates the Rams feel good enough about Goff at this point to put him in a position where he’s only one play away from getting into a game.

Keenum ranks near the bottom in passer rating (66.1, 31st), yards per attempt (6.14, 31st) and last in completion percentage (53.8 percent). The question is: Would the Rams reverse course with Goff if not for the team’s surprising 2-1 record? To hear it from Fisher, probably not.

But should Keenum continue to struggle and the Rams fail to somehow keep winning games? The reasons not to start Goff will continue to make even less sense.