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Brandon Marshall: Odell Beckham ‘needs to learn how to control his emotions’


New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall became the latest observer to suggest that Odell Beckham Jr. needs to figure out how to better harness his emotions. But what makes Marshall’s input so interesting is he speaks from a position of experience.

The New York Giants wide receiver again attracted unwanted attention due to his inability to control his emotions during Sunday’s loss to the Washington Redskins. Beckham’s histrionics were highlighted by a sideline tantrum that included getting into a fight with a kicking net.

Marshall, known as an emotional player going all the way back to his playing days in Chicago, mentioned how his then-Bears teammates helped him understand that not everyone reacts well to those kind of outbursts.

Marshall then went on to say that he has to work hard to keep his emotions under control to this day.

“I am that,” Marshall said during his weekly appearance on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” as transcribed by NJ Advanced Media’s Darryl Slater. “That’s what I have to control every single Sunday. Not even on Sundays, but in practice. What I see is a guy who loves football. What I see is a guy who is passionate. What I see is a guy who hates losing. What I see is a guy who would run through a brick wall for his teammates. But what I see is a guy who needs to learn how to control his emotions.

“What I’ve learned is not everyone responds to that [type of behavior] the right way. The best way to get guys together, to galvanize your team, is to take the visible emotions out of it. Because that’s the only way you can reach all.”

Beckham has been subjected to his fair share of criticism over his outbursts. Even Giants head coach Ben McAdoo said earlier this week Beckham “needs to do a better job” controlling his emotions, at least on the sideline.

Beckham is still a young player and has plenty of time to figure things out. We need not look any further than Brandon Marshall to establish that as a possibility.