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Matt Ryan’s wife takes to Twitter to mock his weak block attempt (vid)


Even Matt Ryan’s wife found his weak attempt to throw a block — or avoid throwing one, as it were — during Monday night’s 45-32 win over the New Orleans Saints deserving of ridicule.

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback clearly had no interest in throwing his body in front of 6-foot-4, 308-pound Saints defensive tackle Nick Fairley on a run by Devonta Freeman.

Ryan’s wife Sarah took to Twitter afterward to poke fun at her hubby’s arguably understandable act of self-preservation.

Even Ryan himself understands how foolish his clumsy, stumbling non-block appeared.

“That was bad,” Ryan said with a laugh, via ESPN. “Free did such a good job. I didn’t really anticipate the ball coming back that way. And when he did, I just kind of wanted to get in the way and make sure he could outrun him. And I caught an edge on my cleat and fell. It probably ended up for the best because [Fairley] was kind of eyeing on me pretty good. He would have hit me pretty good. Not my finest moment, but a good play for us nonetheless.”

As noted, it’s understandable that Ryan would want to avoid impeding the pursuit of the barreling Fairley. But that doesn’t mean Ryan is allowed a free pass on the embarrassing play.

And hey, however one wants to refer to what Ryan did, it at least temporarily slowed down Fairley. That’s something.