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‘Doped up’ Adrian Peterson sings upon waking up after surgery (vid)


Adrian Peterson admits he was “doped up” in an Instagram post that features video of him singing while emerging from an¬†anesthetic haze following surgery last week.

The Minnesota Vikings running back underwent surgery on his torn meniscus last Thursday and evidently felt compelled to sing a few lines from “The Storm is Over Now” by Kirk Franklin.

“No, this is me doped up! I didn’t remember this video, my mother said to me ‘you were singing after surgery,'” Peterson writes in the Instagram post. “… the look on my face! But clearly my wife recorded me after waking up from anesthesia! Not cool but nevertheless hilarious! To God be the glory !!”

Peterson obviously isn’t going to win any singing competitions anytime soon, but the fact he decided to post a video featuring his not-so-great vocal talents shows he at least has a sense of humor about himself.

Regarding his eventual return to the field, Peterson has a long road of rehab ahead of him. But the defiant and stubborn running back seems intent on returning this season to rejoin arguably the best Vikings team of his career. He’s defied the odds and projections before after returning from injury so perhaps it’s best not to doubt the goal he has set for himself.

Just no more singing, Adrian Peterson. Please.