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RG3, Grete Sadeiko Instagram love fest still going strong (pics)


Robert Griffin III may be on injured reserve, sidelined with a left shoulder fracture that could cost him the season, but it’s plainly evident that he and his girlfriend’s Instagram love fest game remains as strong as ever.

RG3, who just last week officially filed for divorce from his wife, has apparently been in some form of a relationship with Grete Sadeiko since January. Sadeiko, a 23-year-old from Estonia, is a track star at Florida State. And to say that these two lovebirds may be overdoing it on the social media-based public displays of affection would be an understatement.

The couple separately took to Instagram Thursday to share some photos of themselves enjoying the company of one another.

RG3’s offering on Instagram featured the couple posing at sunset on the beach with the syrupy sweet message, “Love is what makes your heart smile. Don’t be afraid to feel it.”

A photo posted by Robert Griffin III (@rgiii) on

Sadeiko, meanwhile, showcased in her post how the two color-coordinated their outfits for an outing, with each of them donning the color maroon.

Sadeiko opted to include no caption for her photo, evidently allowing the couple’s color-coordinated fashion sense reveal everything that needed to be explained.

And the two lovey-dovey photos from Thursday are just the most recent documentations of the couple’s romance. One needs to only peruse Sadeiko’s Instagram page to see how she and RG3 are head over heels for each other. And they clearly aren’t afraid to show it to the world, as evidenced by the PDA between the two at a Browns practice in August.

And for RG3, given he could return to the Browns in Week 10 at the earliest and even then his NFL future is uncertain, it must be nice to have the support of his new special lady.

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