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Ravens’ Justin Tucker raps about fried chicken in regional spot (vid)


Justin Tucker without question is one of the NFL’s preeminent kickers, but the work he did in a commercial for a regional convenience store may be his best work yet, on or off the field.

The Baltimore Ravens kicker stars as “Rappin’ Justin” in a new spot for the Baltimore-based Royal Farms. And what does “Rappin’ Justin” drop mad rhymes about over some slick beats? Fried chicken, of course.

Hoo boy.

The best part of the unbelievably phenomenal commercial has to be when Tucker drops the drumstick like he’s dropping the mic.

Here’s a sampling of the rhymes he’s spitting in the spot:

Got some chicken in my hand
Gonna eat it, understand?
It’s crispy, golden brown
Moist and tender going down


Even, um, doper, is how Tucker demonstrated a great sense of self-deprecating humor about his “Rappin’ Justin” alter ego.

“Memorizing the rap about the fried chicken was something that came somewhat naturally to me,” he said, via ESPN’s Jamison Hensley. “I’ve been known to drop the occasional mix tape here and there back in my collegiate days.”

When asked how much input he had lyrics for his epic rap performance, Tucker says collaboration isn’t always the answer.

“There is a little give and take,” Tucker said. “For this last go-around, I was more than happy to be a company guy and accommodate in whatever way Royal Farms needed me to do.”