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Kevin Durant on Stephen Curry’s mocked sneakers: ‘They were bad’


Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry may be teammates on the Golden State Warriors on the court, but that apparently isn’t enough to declare a cease fire in the highly contentious NBA “Sneaker Wars.”

Durant was a guest this week along with rapper Nas on Bill Simmons’ HBO show “Any Given Wednesday.” Among the myriad topics discussed — including how Durant was “hurt” by the backlash to his free agency decision — was Curry’s much maligned signature sneaker line with Under Armour.

The Curry Two Low “Chef” — often humorously referred to as “Dad Shoes” — specifically was singled out during the show’s “Speed Round” segment. Simmons, reasonably assuming Durant would be hesitant to call out his teammate’s sneakers, posed a question about them to Nas.

“I’m not going to ask Kevin this question,” Simmons said, “but [Nas], what did you think of the ‘Chef’ Currys?”

Before Nas even had a chance to respond, Durant interjected, “They were bad.”

Durant’s decision to openly mock a teammate’s sneaker was an interesting one to say the least. But there of course is an entire tangled web of backstories and such that add intrigue and complexities to the savage critique.

First of all, and most basic of all, is that Durant reps Nike, which helps in part explain his negative view of Curry’s Under Armour sneaker line. But just as interesting is how Durant actually was offered a reported 10-year deal with Under Armour for what was believed to be between $265 million and $285 million. Nike, as was their right, matched the offer, keeping Durant on their roster of superstar endorsers.

There’s also the issue of how Curry ended up with Under Armour in the first place. Nike evidently botched their pitch meeting with Curry, mispronouncing his name among other gaffes. Under Armour seized upon the opportunity and ultimately signed Curry through 2024.

In the end, perhaps Durant’s slam on Curry’s sneakers merely is the latest in a long line of times they have been mocked and ridiculed. Maybe it will create some bad blood between the new teammates.

One thing is certain, though: the “Sneaker Wars” are alive and well in the NBA.