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Blake Griffin: Fight with Clippers staffer ‘100% my fault’


Blake Griffin would like nothing more than to put his nightmarish 2015-16 season behind him. And he took the first step in doing so by taking full responsibility for an incident that in part derailed everything.

The Los Angeles Clippers superstar, and not for the first time, penned an essay for The Players’ Tribune in which he writes about the infamous fight in Toronto last January that resulted in a broken hand after he punched a Clippers equipment staffer.

The piece, an open letter of sorts entitled, ‘To Clippers Fans,” faces the incident head-on and begins as follows:

I’ll just get it out of the way.

Last season sucked.

I am truly sorry. What happened in Toronto was 100% my fault. I messed up.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about it. And I don’t mean that in some clichéd “not a day goes by” way.

I genuinely think about it every single day, and I just feel like I let down the fans who have been riding with us since the beginning.

Griffin played in only 35 regular-season games last season, not only due to the busted hand but also a quadriceps injury. He says sitting out all that time served as a “wake-up call.”

The gravity of the situation quickly became clear for Griffin shortly after the Toronto incident during a phone call with his older brother Taylor.

He didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. He said to me straight up, “Man, what are you doing? This is not you. What are you doing this for?”

I was crushed.

Griffin seems intent on making amends for the mistake. And the case can be made he paid the price, not only by how he served a four-game suspension for the altercation but also how his public image took a serious hit due to the incident.

Words alone probably won’t change the minds of some, but the case can be made Griffin’s essay was a step in the right direction. Staying healthy and productive and out of trouble for a full season wouldn’t hurt, either.