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Matt Forte touts benefits of something called liquified phytoplankton


Matt Forte bristles at the notion that once a running back hits the age of 30, they somehow become over-the-hill and past-their-prime in an instant. But that doesn’t mean that the New York Jets back over the years became more and more committed to monitoring his body, especially what he puts into it.

One of Forte’s daily rituals is to consume something called liquified phytoplankton. To explain, it is “the tiny organisms that form the foundation of an ocean’s ecosystem,” per an report.

The elixir is apparently anti-inflammatory, so Forte ingests some daily by placing a few drops on his tongue every morning.

“It tastes like basically liquidized spinach or any kind of green, like kale,” Forte told NJ Advance Media. “So it’s not bad, but it’s a little salty, actually.”

As Forte began to understand the needs of his body after a few years in the NFL, he consulted with a trainer in Florida and together they determined what diet best suited the running back.

“That’s when I got to a point — I think it was my third year — and my body is starting to hurt a little bit during the season,” he said. “Then I started learning about different supplements, fish oil, that help with your joints and stuff.”

It ultimately was decided that Forte would be best-served by avoiding things like bread and pasta.

“You can still eat good stuff, but have it healthy,” Forte said. “It’s more like a lifestyle now, the longer you do it.”

Forte does admit, though, to enjoying his mother’s soul food cooking in the offseason.

Forte obviously isn’t the only NFL player to adopt stringent dietary habits to improve their health and prolong their careers. Tom Brady is borderline obsessive with his eating habits, something that has spawned a lucrative side business for the Patriots QB. Such dedication even inspired Aaron Rodgers to do the same.

Still though, liquified phytoplankton? Sounds crazy. Although whatever Forte is doing, it has helped him become one of the most durable running backs in the NFL, so something has to be working.