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Aaron Rodgers calls media ‘predictable’ over questions about struggles


Aaron Rodgers made it clear during his weekly session with reporters Wednesday that he knew what kind of questions were coming. After all, the Green Bay Packers offense was coming off another clunker of a performance, this time in a 17-14 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night.

But the way Rodgers sees it, the line of questioning doesn’t necessarily constitute a legitimate inquiry into the team’s prolonged offensive struggles, in particular his own, of late.

“No offense, but you guys are predictable,” Rodgers said, via ESPN. “We knew when we came in here — and I knew I had this on Wednesday — I knew what the line of questioning was going to be. You guys got a job to do. You scrutinize, you analyze and you make opinions based on how you feel a team is progressing or not progressing or playing. And we appreciate that. But inside, we don’t think the same way that you guys think. We don’t approach our job and scrutinize the same way. Now we’re very honest about our performance and about the way we’re playing and about what we’ve got to do, but we don’t worry about the outside opinions.”

No offense, indeed, albeit pronounced differently. Which is precisely why reporters asked Rodgers those kind of questions.

When asked about what those inside the locker room are thinking, Rodgers wasn’t about to reveal it, saying, “our expectations and our opinions of each other and the offense is way more important than your opinion of us. To us.”

Rodgers this week mentioned “timing” as one of the issues plaguing the offense. But given the familiarity most of the players have with the offense — especially Rodgers — it’s suspect to lay blame solely on that issue. Rodgers’ struggles — at least comparatively speaking given the bar he’s set for himself — go back well into last season. Something clearly isn’t right.

But it would be foolish to count out the Packers despite their troublesome struggles just yet. In fact, it might just be a matter of time before Rodgers busts out his classic “R-E-L-A-X” mantra from 2014 to calm the nerves of concerned Packers fans.