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Iman Shumpert reconsiders plan to kneel during national anthem


Iman Shumpert has backed off plans to kneel during the national anthem as an act of protest after previously indicating his intent to do so.

Shumpert, in a rap song entitled “His Story” released last week, professed “you best believe I’m going to take me a knee for the anthem.”

Since then, though the Cleveland Cavaliers star has reconsidered, writing in an Instagram post he no longer believes “taking a knee is the answer” to protest social injustice and police brutality.

“As big as an awareness Kap has raised by taking a knee and the bravery it took for so many to follow I also understand those that fought for that flag have nothing to do with whats going on in our society today and I no longer believe taking a knee is the answer,” Shumpert writes. “This news makes me sick and I am challenging myself to make a difference!”

The social media post published Wednesday morning features an image of Shumpert’s daughter and includes the message: “I can’t explain to her what’s going on these days between the badge and the people. The badge was made to protect us, not scare us.”

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Shumpert throughout the post incorporates the hashtag #stealthefear.

Instead of his originally planned protest by kneeling during the anthem, Shumpert states in the Instagram post that for every steal he records (presumably in the upcoming season) he’ll “donate money and time towards a foundation(s) striding to improve the struggle between the badge and the citizen.”

Shumpert then issues a challenge to “all sponsors and athletes to match these proceeds to contribute to the cause helping families affected by all the killings leaving families and communities traumatized.”

Shumpert also issued a message to Colin Kaepernick on Twitter.

Kaepernick, while remaining active on Twitter, has limited himself of late to mostly retweets. As of Wednesday afternoon, he has not reacted to Shumpert’s tweet.