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Ron Rivera can’t get out of room after abruptly leaving presser (vid)


A frustrated Ron Rivera couldn’t get out of the room fast enough after storming off the podium during a Monday press conference. It’s too bad for the Carolina Panthers head coach that the door wouldn’t cooperate.

The source of Rivera’s ire was a question about hard shot Luke Kuechly took on the sideline courtesy of a powerful block 49ers wide receiver during a 75-yard Vance McDonald touchdown.

It was a great block, to be sure, but nothing seemed to indicate Kuechly suffered any kind of injury. But due to details being scarce concerning the linebacker’s condition, a reporter posed a question about Kuechly’s status. And the query clearly didn’t make Rivera happy, as transcribed by CBS Sports:

Reporter: “Luke took a really hard shot on the sideline, he was trying to chase him down. We didn’t get to talk to him after the game, is he OK?”

Rivera: “Really? I don’t, you know… I mean, he got blocked. OK? I mean, let’s try not to create something that’s not there. To me, that’s not there. He got hit in the shoulder pads from the side. OK?”

Rivera expressed his unhappiness with the question by walking off the podium, only to be ultimately rebuffed from an exit out of the room by a door that wouldn’t open.

A staffer eventually was able to open the door, but not before a few awkward moments transpired.

Next time, let’s hope for Rivera’s sake that doors leading out of the media center are all unlocked should this kind of situation again arise.