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Bill Belichick’s presser ensemble is hobo-chic at its finest (pic)


Bill Belichick obviously has a “unique” sense of “style” when it comes to the clothing he chooses to wear. And while the New England Patriots head coach can at times get all gussied up and play the role of “Sharp Dressed Man” from time to time, more often than not he approaches the notion of high fashion with utter disdain.

We’re much more likely to see Belichick sporting a subtly slovenly style, a look highlighted by his patented cut-off sweatshirts. However on Tuesday, the Patriots coach arguably reached the pinnacle of the “Hobo Chic” fashion trend for he has cultivated over the years and for which he has become the fashion-challenged stuff of legend.

To wit, here’s Belichick sporting cargo shorts, sneakers and sweatshirt-turned-muscle shirt due to how aggressively the sleeves have been sliced.

But even stranger is how Belichick opted to wear a regular-sleeved t-shirt under said cut-off sweatshirt.

Now that’s a man who will not succumb to society’s pressure to avoid looking like a bum, folks. And quite frankly, Belichick has far more important things to worry about than how people perceive him. And for that he arguably deserves a modicum of credit, if not admiration.

Looking good, Coach Belichick. Looking good, indeed.

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