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Why was Ryan Goins sporting drawn-on hair in Blue Jays dugout? (vid)


Toronto Blue Jays infielder Ryan Goins typically sports a clean-shaven scalp. But while seated in the dugout during Thursday’s tilt against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Goins appeared to have some kind of drawn-on hair sprouting out from beneath his cap.

SportsNet’s Faizal Kahmisa was one of the first to notice the bizarre look.

As noted in the tweet, Goins’ hair-inspired embellishment does appear to be some kind of tape-job. Whatever the case, even the Blue Jays’ official Twitter account took notice of the new look, even if it’s unclear exactly what’s going on with Goins’ head.

Surprisingly,  Goins’ taped-or-drawn-on-hair isn’t eve the first time this season that a major leaguer was spotted with some kind of artificial hair-type thing going on. Texas Rangers slugger Carlos Beltran similarly rocked such a hairdo(n’t) a few weeks ago.

Weird stuff.

There’s little sense in trying to glean exactly what Goins and Beltran are trying to accomplish with their antics. Perhaps the only person that could shed some light on it is former NBA player Carlos Boozer, who has some infamous experience in this area.

Again, weird.

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