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Josh Norman on ‘physical specimen’ Dez Bryant: ‘Hard guy to control’


Josh Norman doesn’t appear inclined this week to poke the metaphorical bear ahead of the Washington Redskins’ showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.

How so? The typically outspoken cornerback had nothing but nice things to say about Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant, whom he presumably will line up against on Sunday … at least occasionally.

“Dez, he gets going, man, he’s a hard guy to control,” Norman said, viaThe Dallas Morning News. “He really is. He gets that motor going, and it’s all he wrote. He’s a physical specimen. He’s going to get the ball at its highest point. He’s a threat, man. He’s a threat, so it’s going to be exciting to see him again. Looking forward to it as always.”

The two have a history, a bitter one at that, heading into Sunday’s game. Norman, then with the Carolina Panthers, played a role in limiting Bryant to only two catches for 26 yards in a 33-14 win last Thanksgiving.

Afterward, Norman suggested the onus was on Bryant to give back some of the money he got from the Cowboys courtesy of a five-year, $70 million contract signed before the season.

When asked if he feels he got into Bryant’s head in that game, Norman hedged his bets.

“I can’t tell my secrets,” he responded. “But I will say, we have a good time out there. We have fun.”

Norman has seen his fair share of criticism this week over not lining up head-to-head more often with Antonio Brown, who torched the Redskins secondary on Monday in a Steelers victory.

While it may be a case of defensive philosophy on the Redskins’ part — having Norman remain on one side of the field instead of following a No. 1 receiver wherever he lines up — it’s arguably not a good look for a player who just signed a five-year, $75 million deal.

Then again, Norman wouldn’t be the first corner to adopt that approach. In either case, expect Bryant to do whatever he can to exact revenge on Norman come Sunday … especially after what he had to say about the Redskins game plan for Brown.