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Jim Harbaugh doesn’t see any humor in Colorado’s parody depth chart


The Colorado Buffaloes head to Ann Arbor to take on the Michigan Wolverines in The Big House this weekend. In light of how the Wolverines don’t provide depth charts ahead of games, someone affiliated with the Buffaloes program came up with a parody depth chart for their team.

Too bad Jim Harbaugh didn’t see the humor in it.

Colorado’s mock lineup was littered with pop culture references with characters from “South Park,” “Happy Gilmore,” “The Big Lebowski,” “Austin Powers” and the like.

Harbaugh was asked about Colorado’s attempt at humor and he made it clear he didn’t find it all that funny.

“I saw the depth chart,” he said, via “I was trying to imagine how many people sat around and how many hours they worked on that. We’ve just found, I mean, when it comes to the depth chart — modern technology seems to have made the depth chart an out-dated task by about 20 years. We’ve found studying last week’s film of the opponent is the most accurate way of determining another team’s depth chart.

“There’s so much written about the team that’s on the Internet. For those of us who can or do watch the games — they’re all on television now as well — we just felt like modern technology was the most accurate way of knowing what the opponent’s depth chart is by looking at the previous week’s film. And not relying on another PR director’s assessment of what the depth chart is.”

Harbaugh clearly didn’t appreciate how Colorado made light of one of his program’s policies, even if no real disrespect was intended. Then again, given how Harbaugh has found himself in the middle of the “Boogergate” scandalas is his brother John — the case can be made it may be hard for him at this time to see much humor in anything.