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Rex Ryan had Lap Band removed in show of solidarity to brother Rob


Rex Ryan revealed to the New York Post this week that he had previously had his Lap Band removed as a sign of solidarity to brother Rob Ryan, who now serves on his Buffalo Bills coaching staff.

“I told him, we’ll figure this out together (without the Lap Band),’’ Ryan said.

The Bills head coach, who had the Lap Band inserted in 2010 after he topped out at nearly 350 pounds — going on to lose over 100 pounds in the next two years — joked about the decision to have the device removed.

“I did it a long time ago, so I’m not going to get into those things,” Rex Ryan quipped about the decision, via ESPN. “But as somebody pointed out, several times, we won more games when I was heavier, so I’ll do anything for the squad.”

Rob Ryan’s experience with the Lap-band did not go nearly as well as Rex’s, to put it mildly. In fact, here’s what he had to say about the serious health issues he suffered following undergoing the procedure a few years ago (via the New York Post):

“I put on 30 pounds in a month. Now I can’t get [the lap band] off,” Rob explained, after having dropped to 260 pounds from 320 pounds during his time in Dallas. “And then my band was so tight, I almost died. … It was so tight, my esophagus was working as my stomach.

“All you can eat is sugar, and I drink the hell out of wine. But that’s all I could really eat and drink, so I was getting enormous again.”

The revelation from Ryan that he had the Lap Band removed “a long time ago” helps explain how he apparently has put on 30 pounds since his brother joined the Bills coaching staff. All that aside, the fact that Rex would perform such a gesture for Ryan demonstrates the closeness and loyalty the Ryan brothers enjoy, something they’re definitely leaning on after their father’s death this past summer.