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Broncos’ Brandon Marshall explains decision to kneel during anthem (vid)


Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall became the latest NFL player to follow Colin Kaepernick’s lead and perform an act of protest during the national anthem. Marshall was spotted on the sideline taking a knee during the anthem ahead of Thursday’s showdown with the Carolina Panthers.

After the game, Marshall, a college teammate of Kaepernick’s at Nevada, not surprisingly was asked about his decision to kneel.

“I’m not against the military. I’m not against the police or America. I’m just against social injustice,” Marshall said after the game, via The Denver Post’s Cameron Wolfe. “I’m proud of it. I don’t regret it. I know this is right.”

Marshall added he is in the process of identifying charities along with the Wounded Warriors to which he will donate undisclosed amounts. He went on defend his decision to kneel, saying that it’s his obligation to do so to protest social injustices, even if people disagree.

“I feel like this is the right platform. I feel like this is our only platform to be heard,” Marshall said. “A lot of time people want us to just shut up and entertain them. Shut up and play football. But we have voices as well. We’re actually educated individuals that went to college. When we have an opinion and speak it, a lot of people bash us.”

Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak defended Marshall following the team’s 21-20 victory, calling the 26-year-old “a great kid” and a “leader of this team.”

The Broncos organization, meanwhile, issued a statement during the first quarter of Thursday’s game that read as follows: “While we encourage members of our organization to stand during the National Anthem, we understand and respect it being a personal decision.”

Marshall also took to Instagram Thursday night to highlight his comments that his decision to kneel isn’t intended to be a slight directed at the military or the police or the country, but instead a stand against “social injustice.”

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The decision by players to kneel or otherwise make some act of protest during the anthem obviously has become the cause célèbre as the NFL enters the regular season. Marshall said he will “absolutely” continue to kneel. It certainly appears he won’t be the only one.