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Second grader on Volunteers after tough Week 1 victory: ‘We suck’


A second grade student didn’t pull any punches when addressing the Tennessee Volunteers’ 20-13 overtime victory over the Appalachian State Mountaineers last Thursday. In fact, the youngster downright savaged the Vols, summing up the performance by the then-No. 9 team and 23-point favorites by writing, “We suck,” among other unsavory observations, in an essay for class.

The young-but-already-jaded little girl writes: “Last night, I went to my nana’s house to watch the football game. We suck. That game was a nightmare. We almost lost. It relly [sic] was a nightmare. Go Vols.”

At least she ended on a positive, right? That’s something. And the drawing is pretty good, too.

The seven-point margin of victory hardly tells the entire tale of the game, as the Volunteers found themselves down 13-3 at halftime to the plucky Mountaineers.

But it is worth noting that Appalachian State knows a thing or two about pulling out monumental upsets early on in the college football season. Just ask the Michigan Wolverines.

Although even if this second-grade student knew about that unforgettable game in 2007, it probably wouldn’t have provided her any comfort.

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