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Adorable girl really enjoys her cotton candy at Mariners game (pics/vid)


Young children who attend baseball games are often far more interested in plenty of other things beyond the action on the field, a perfectly understandable attitude for the wee-lads and wee-lasses. And an adorable little girl taking in a recent Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field is no exception.

During Wednesday’s 8-2 Mariners win over the visiting Texas Rangers, this young lady seems absolutely blown away by the overload of sugary goodness contained in her cotton candy.

Here’s video via the Mariners’ official Twitter account showcasing the girl’s out-of-this-world adorableness.

Another fan seated nearby added this image to the social media chronicling of the girl’s epic cotton candy experience.

But as all parents know, sugar rushes inevitably are followed by a huge crash, which the girl succumbed to on the ride home after the game.

Once again, adorable.

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