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Ben McAdoo shows Giants ‘Game of Thrones’ scene for motivation


New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo appears willing to pull out all the stops to properly motivate his players ahead of the 2016 NFL season. And no further evidence is needed beyond how McAdoo apparently showed the team a grisly and violent death scene from “Game of Thrones” during a Wednesday meeting.

“He showed a dog attacking somebody, and basically that’s our mindset,” one Giant told the New York Post.

The scene in question presumably is one involving the sadistic villain Ramsay Bolton being left helpless as he’s confronted by one of his ravenous dogs, as the other possible scene from Season 6 would have been a completely bizarre and arguably wholly inappropriate choice. Although there could have been other options from previous seasons.

“It was about being hungry, he showed us like a scene from ‘Game of Thrones,’ and it was just about being hungry, and coming to work every day. Just being the hungriest team in the NFL, in the NFC, all that,” another Giant said.

There you have it. On next week’s schedule, perhaps McAdoo is planning a “Faces of Death” marathon or something. But if quality and compelling entertainment is what McAdoo is after amid visceral scenes of inspirational violence, “Game of Thrones” — arguably one of the finest shows ever on television — is of course the right way to go.