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Joey Votto may be done trolling fans, gives one a souvenir baseball (vid)


Joey Votto has cultivated a reputation — especially this season — for not being particularly fan friendly at times. But it appears the Cincinnati Reds star first baseman may have turned over a new leaf, as he totally pulled a one-eighty Tuesday night by giving a fan a souvenir baseball. Not only that he gave another fan a high-five to boot. Real-Time Correspondent Cody Slusher reports that the fan who was the benefactor of Votto’s generosity was Tim Payne from Wilmington, Ohio, who was seated along the first base line for the Reds’ 5-3 loss to the New York Mets at the Great American Ball Park.

As noted above, Votto has had several incidents this season involving trolling fans, and then some. Not only did he stomp on a paper airplane that landed on the field, eliciting boos from fans at Dodger Stadium, he also trolled Washington Nationals fans and Philadelphia Phillies fans on separated occasions by acting he was about to toss then a souvenir ball only to not do so in cold-blooded fashion.

Whatever motivated Votto to play the role of nice guy on Tuesday night is unknown. Perhaps because the fan in question was a Reds backer had something to do with hit. On the other hand, that hasn’t always saved a person from Votto’s derision.