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Vontaze Burfict makes interesting plans for how he’ll spend suspension


Vontaze Burfict will sit out the Cincinnati Bengals’ first three games of the 2016 NFL season for repeated violations of player safety rules.

“Of course you want to be out there, but these are the cards that I was dealt,” Burfict said in the locker room Thursday night after the Bengals’ preseason finale, per ESPN.

The incident that proved to be the breaking point occurred in the Bengals’ wild card round showdown with division rival Pittsburgh Steelers in January. Burfict received an unnecessary roughness penalty for a hit on Antonio Brown, causing the Steelers wide receiver to suffer a concussion.

Deemed by the league that Burfict “placed his opponent at unnecessary risk of injury and should have been avoided,” the suspension was assessed.

Burfict had this to say recently about his impending suspension: “S—, I didn’t really care. You’ve got to learn from your mistakes. That’s it.”

What’s done is done, as Burfict apparently accepts. Given he has no choice but assume the role of persona non grata as it relates to his dealings with the Bengals, Burfict has decided to put his forced time off to good use.

How? He plans to catch up on some family-friendly activities.

Burfict says he’ll help his younger sister get settled in at college as she begins her freshman year.

“I missed the family trip to put her in her dorm, but I told her I’d come out there,” he said.

The fiery linebacker still intends to be at least remotely connected to the Bengals by taking in their games from afar with his sister.

“I will be watching some way,” Burfict said. “I’ve never really watched a game with her, so it would be my first to watch with her, probably treat her out to dinner or something.”

Given Burfict is the same guy who recently said he “don’t give no f—s about” the division rival Steelers, it’s interesting to imagine him as the doting older brother.