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Why is there a random tire in A-Rod’s yard in family photo?


Alex Rodriguez apparently is done playing baseball — despite not officially confirming his retirement — and is settling into his life’s second act that includes becoming a motivational speaker.

But such a change obviously affords A-Rod a more home-bound lifestyle with his two daughters. Rodriguez took to Twitter this week to document how nice it is to be home much more frequently in that it allows moments like this one, where he can simply settle into a chair and hang out with his kids.

A heartwarming scene, to be sure. Although there is something a bit odd about the photograph. If one looks closely, there appears to be a random tire sitting in A-Rod’s front yard. The strange presence of the tire appears to have been first noted by Rodriguez’s former New York Yankees teammate and current Minnesota Twins pitcher Phil Hughes.

A highlighted look at said tire, via For The Win:


Weird stuff, man. A-Rod is of course an eccentric fellow prone to quirky behavior and unconventional habits. But the tire? There simply is no satisfying explanation for it.