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Bryce Harper: Braves fans are meaner hecklers than Phillies fans


Bryce Harper presumably gets razzed, heckled and taunted in every ballpark he visits when the Washington Nationals are on the road. Given he’s a superstar player who is trying to beat the hometown team, it’s hardly a surprising development.

But the fact that the brash 23-year-old slugger is one the cockiest ballplayers in the big leagues of course makes him an even more attractive target to hecklers.

Harper discussed the heckling phenomenon during an interview with CSN Mid-Atlantic’s

Harper tries to shrug of the taunts for the most part, but says comments about his family bother him. The reigning National League MVP did say hecklers can go over the line at times.

“You hear it from fans all the time. I guess that’s part of the game,” he said. “There’s some things out there that shouldn’t be said. I haven’t gotten any funny ones this year. I don’t really get funny ones at all.

“Mine are usually ‘I hope your career ends’ or ‘I hope you blow out your knee.’ Stupid things like that. It’s just absurd. Fans are always going to be fans and root for their team. I totally understand that. But, some of the fans, it’s just not human. Some of those things you shouldn’t be saying. Especially when my back is turned to you. I more than welcome people to talk about me to my face. But if you talk behind my back, that’s on you.”


“More Atlanta than Philly. I don’t get much in Philly, actually,” he said. “I enjoy playing in Philly. I don’t get much from Phillies fans going crazy. Of course, the Mets, the Dodgers, San Francisco.”

So long as the heckling doesn’t stop Harper’s quest to “Make Baseball Fun Again,” right?

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