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David Ortiz uses helicopter ride for good look at corn maze tribute (pics)


David Ortiz’s final MLB season has seen its fair share of tributes to celebrate the slugger’s fantastic career. But earlier this week Ortiz had to hop inside a helicopter in order to fully bear witness the lengths that were taken to properly thank him for all the memories.

A farm in Sterling, Mass., created a massive corn maze to pay tribute to Ortiz. In it, the slugger is shown making his patented gesture of pointing to the sky with the words, “THANK YOU BIG PAPI” carved out in the cornfield.

Ortiz was on hand for the “ribbon-cutting” ceremony, which of course involved him using a bat to slash through a cornstalk as opposed to the more traditional giant pair of scissors.

Ortiz — who got a bird’s eye view of the corn maze tribute via a helicopter ride that rose to an altitude of 1,700 feet — admitted to being pretty flattered by the impressive amount of work that goes into creating a corn maze in such detail.

“Hope you guys are having fun,” Ortiz said. “This is incredible. I think it’s something very special and something is hard to put together. It’s an honor to be here in this very beautiful cornfield. I love corn by the way.”

Sports-themed corn mazes have become a welcome and amusing annual rite of passage as summer segues into fall. With that in mind, while Big Papi’s corn maze tribute may be one of the first of the season, it most certainly won’t be the last.