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Bernard Tomic makes handful of ‘balls’ taunts to U.S. Open hecklers (vids)


Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic once again is allowing his mouth and hot temper to further tarnish his already-unflattering reputation. This time, it involves Tomic hurling insults back at hecklers at the U.S. Open, taunts that revolved around various crude comments surrounding “balls,” albeit not those of the tennis variety.

During his first-round loss to unseeded Bosnian Damir Dzumhur, Tomic was caught making incredibly inappropriate comments. Among his retorts to a heckler were “I will put my balls in your mouth” and “I will give you some money to make you feel good,” among other unsavory comments.

Umpire Cedric Mourier ultimately had no choice but to intervene. Between games the following exchange occurred between Mourier and Tomic (via the New York Post):

“He was saying some s–t,” Tomic explained to Mourier. The umpire responded, “It’s better you go through me than try to solve it by yourself.”

Tomic defended his antics after the loss, arguing that the heckler was “baiting” him.

David Drysdale, Tomic’s manager, added his two cents as well.

“The guy was at him all the way through the first set, calling Bernie a p—y and telling Bernie to go and have a cry with his little p—y girlfriend.”

It sounds like the heckler was out of bounds with his trash talk. But Tomic has got to learn he needs to rise above it, especially given his already-sullied reputation.