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Vontaze Burfict on Steelers: ‘I don’t give no f—s about them’


Vontaze Burfict has never been shy about expressing his disdain for the Pittsburgh Steelers, so it shouldn’t come as much a surprise that the Cincinnati Bengals linebacker once again has expressed not-so-flattering sentiments about the fierce AFC North rivals.

“I don’t give no f—s about them,” Burfict said when asked if he harbored any ill will against the Steelers, via Monday Morning Quarterback. “Zero. You can write that, too. I don’t give no f—s about them. They’re just another team. They don’t scare me. Just another team.”

Burfict will sit out the Bengals’ first three regular season games after being suspended by the NFL for repeated violations of player safety rules, highlighted by an illegal hit to Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown’s head during the teams’ postseason match-up in January.

Ahead of that game, Burfict bluntly stated, “I hate Pittsburgh. It’s not personal. That’s just the way it is.”

His subsequent actions during the postseason match-up arguably more than makes Burfict’s case in that regard.

But his eventful history with the Steelers goes back much further than that incident.

Burfict arguably has made a case for being Public Enemy No. 1 among Steelers Nation due to his conduct in the two games played between the squads last season. Steelers offensive lineman Ramon Foster accused Burfict of purposely trying to injure Le’Veon Bell during a Week 8 game, a 16-10 Bengals victory.

The Steelers also didn’t appreciate how Burfict appeared to celebrate when Bell suffered a torn medial collateral ligament during the game.

Ben Roethlisberger then accused Burfict of intentionally going low on him on a play in an effort to injure him in a December showdown.

When asked recently about his three-game suspension, Burfict blew it off, saying, “S—, I didn’t really care. You’ve got to learn from your mistakes. That’s it.”

While Burfict insists a person has to learn from their mistakes, it remains to be seen if he indeed has done so. While the fiery linebacker will miss a Week 2 showdown with the Steelers, he’ll have plenty of time to prove he has before the two teams tangle in Week 15.