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Tom Brady’s new hairstyle mocked and ridiculed on social media (pics)


Tom Brady appeared before the media on Tuesday and spoke at length about how tough it will be for him to miss out on the New England Patriots’ first four games while serving his suspension. But, sadly or not, what really got the Internet talking was the new hairstyle the quarterback was sporting.

Assembled media documented the new ‘do on Twitter.

Riffing on Grandpa Simpson, let’s just say, “Now, Tom Brady, there’s a haircut you can set your watch to.” Or not.

Brady has a long and storied hairstyle history throughout his NFL career (see here), and reactions have often been mixed, as he clearly is willing to take some risks with his ‘dos.

But the new look Brady introduced the world to on Thursday was almost universally panned on Twitter, often with brilliantly humorous results.