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Marshawn Lynch signs Patriots shirt with ‘Beast Mode U B—h’ (pic)


Marshwan Lynch may have eased into retirement after a standout NFL career, but it’s clear he hasn’t forgotten about Super Bowl XLIX. This was made abundantly clear when some autograph seeker had the audacity to ask Lynch to sign a New England Patriots shirt.

Suffice to say, Lynch went “Beast Mode” when signing said shirt, crossing out the Patriots logo and writing, “Seahawks!!!” before adding, “Beast Mode U B—h.”

The fantastic response by Lynch occurred at an autograph session this week in Australia. Lynch is Down Under this week to support the Cal Golden Bears, his old college team, as they prepare for their first game of the season against the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors at ANX Stadium in Sydney.

Interestingly, Cal will pay tribute to their former star running back with a fantastic bobblehead later this season.

Odds are Lynch would have reacted unfavorably to any request for him to sign any jersey, shirt or what have you outside of Seahawks or Bears gear. But to have the gall to ask him to sign something bearing the logo of the team that narrowly bested the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX? That’s a gutsy move, to say the least.

Regardless of the intent of the fan in question — whether it was to be a snarky rabble-rouser or simply demosnstared his or herĀ  ignorance — the case can be made Lynch’s response is the one the situation rightfully deserved.

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