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Rex Ryan has gained 30 pounds since Rob Ryan joined Bills staff


One thing twin brothers Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan have in common — and there are many things, obviously — is they both have larger-than-life personalities. There was a time, however, that the Ryan brothers both shared larger waistlines as well.

And it sounds like the previously svelte Rex Ryan might be returning to his former portly form, seemingly thanks to brother Ryan.

With his weight topping out at around 348 pounds, Rex underwent lap-band surgery in 2014 during his tenure with the New York Jets. The procedure paid huge dividends, as the current Buffalo Bills head coach lost 132 pounds, dropping to 218 pounds.

Rob, however, has always maintained his portly figure, something that even prompted Rex to not only make fat jokes about his brother but also suggest Rob’s hair and weight were holding him back in his coaching career.

The Ryan Brothers life in the NFL has now come full circle after beginning their coaching careers on father Buddy Ryan’s Arizona Cardinals staff .

Rob lost his job as the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator in November last season, so Rex in January decided to hire Rob as his assistant head coach.

And that’s evidently at least part of the reason why Rex apparently has put on 30 pounds since Rob joined the Bills coaching staff, according to an extensive profile of the brothers by ESPN.

While that development certainly isn’t an encouraging one for Rex from a health perspective, the brothers clearly are enjoying their time working together — a photo showcasing the two riding a tandem bike makes that clear — all the while leaning on one another as they grieve their father’s death in June.

One Bills legend believes Rex’s job possibly on the line should he fail to lead the Bills to the postseason for the first time in 16 years. At least Rex now has the support of Rob on the sidelines. And apparently at the dinner table as well.

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