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Cleveland-area farm celebrates Cavaliers title with corn maze (pic)


With autumn quickly approaching, it’s that time of the year for the popular sports-themed corn mazes to artistically carve up rural farmlands all across America.

And a maze in a cornfield located about half-hour outside of Cleveland, celebrates how the Cavaliers finally ended the region’s decades-long championship drought in major professional sports.

Mapleside Farms, located in Brunswick, Ohio, has created a corn maze that spans seven acres and features LeBron James — touted as a “Homegrown Hero” — the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy and the new moniker for the previously title-starved town, “Believeland.”

Mapleside owner Greg Clement touted the contributions of the Cavaliers’ “Big Three” in delivering a title to Cleveland in a release, via

“What Lebron, Kyrie, Kevin and the entire Cavs team just accomplished for this entire region was incredible,” he said. “The positive effect on everyone has been amazing to see, and it’s probably the reason why all three of our boys instantly thought of what LeBron and the Cavs accomplished when we asked them what we should put in our corn maze this year.

“Could we really honor anything else? No way!”

As noted above, sports-themed corn mazes have become a welcome and amusing annual rite of passage as summer segues into fall. With that in mind, while this corn maze may be one of the first of the season, it most certainly won’t be the last.