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Tom Brady’s $50 vegan snack packs sell out in one day


Tom Brady’s fitness company TB12 either vastly underestimated expected demand for its new vegan snack packs or the product has been selling like absolute hotcakes, as it has been reported that “TB12 Snacks” already have sold out.

It was announced on Monday by TB12, per a report, that the “raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free” snacks were on sale. By Tuesday, the product was entirely sold out, according to ESPN.

The snack packs, individually packaged in 1.4-to-1.75-ounce resealable bags — made from biodegradable rice paper, no less — were available for purchase in 12-count variety pack at $50 pop. The “TB12 Snacks” come in six different varieties: Blueberry Crunch, Amazon Crunch, Superfood Energy Squares, Cacao Gogi Energy Squares, Dark Cocoa Coconut, and Buffalo Almonds and Ranch Cashews. The varieties are detailed on the site as follows:

Blueberry Crunch: A combination of familiar and exotic ingredients packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. (1.4 oz each.)

Amazon Crunch: A combination of the best the rainforest has to offer in a tasty, easy-to-eat, nutrient-packed crunch. (1.4 oz each.)

Superfood Energy Squares: A delicious, healthy, energy-sustaining square, packed with nutrient-dense superfoods. A great pre- & post-workout snack. (1.75 oz each.)

Cacao Goji Energy Squares: A great pre- & post-workout snack with energy-sustaining dates, antioxidant-rich cacao, and nutrient-dense fruits & nuts. (1.75 oz each.)

Dark Cocoa Coconut: A simple combination of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and coconut: a tasty, healthy alternative to traditional sweet snacks. (1.4 oz each.)

Buffalo Almonds & Ranch Cashews: A classic flavor combination reinterpreted with healthy, nutrient-rich almonds and vitamin & mineral-rich cashews. (1.4 oz each.)

Brady, whose passionately rigid commitment to total fitness is highlighted by an incredibly strict diet that is the stuff of legend, previously made forays into the health food world with a cookbook — a “Nutrition Manual,” the TB12 site contends — that retailed for $200. That item also sold out quickly and currently is on back order until next month.

That apparently will be the case with the “TB12 Snacks” as well. In the meantime, perhaps some good old fashioned trail mix will fit the bill for those pining for “TB12 Snacks.” Or probably not.