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Noah Syndergaard calls out MLB Shop site for misspelling name (pic)


New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard has had to once again point out how even people who should know how to spell his unique last name can’t seem to get it right.

This time around, the egregious spelling gaffe could be found on the Mets page on MLB Shop’s official site. Syndergaard took to Twitter to post a screengrab of the misspelling, which had his last name spelled “SYNEDRGAARD” on the back of a jersey.

The Mets page has since been updated to feature an image of said jersey, only this time around it showcases the front of  it, which of course doesn’t feature his last name. It evidently was easier to approach correcting the issue in this manner than to attempt to spell “SYNDERGAARD” again.

Granted, Syndergaard’s last name isn’t the easiest to spell, like say “Smith” or “Johnson” and so on. But one would think the folks running Major League Baseball’s official online store would be able to get it right.

On the other hand, Syndergaard did point out earlier this year that his name was misspelled on a display at a 2016 MLB All-Star Game event.

Perhaps most amusing is how it’s a different misspelling, with his surname spelled “SNYDERGAARD” on that occasion. It will be interesting to see how his name is spelled incorrectly the next time, because it’s almost certain there will be a next time.

And Syndergaard will be watching for it.