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Klay Thompson already tired of talking about Warriors ‘superteam’


Klay Thompson has a long road ahead of him as it pertains to dealing with the media given he’s admitted he’s already tired of fielding questions about the Golden State Warriors assembling a “superteam” with the addition of Kevin Durant.

The Warriors are coming off a league-record 73-win regular season and with the addition of Durant, a repeat appearance in the NBA Finals arguably won’t be good enough for a team that boasts such a deep pool of superstar talent.

It’s of course hardly surprising that the Warriors are being inundated with inquiries about the upcoming 2016-17 campaign. But Thompson, while acknowledging the questions are expected, is eager to stop just talking about it.

“Yes. Yes,” Thompson replied when asked if he’s tired of answering questions about next season during an interview with GQ magazine. “I just want to go out there and prove to people how great we can be. Every day at the media session here I have to answer questions about it. ‘Oh, how’s the chemistry between you three.’ Everyday… But it’s part of the territory. I just give some automated answers. I can be pretty robotic. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the franchise now, and deservedly so. It’s part of our job, we have to answer those questions.”

Thompson interestingly was a bit standoffish in the immediate aftermath of Durant’s decision. He said he felt “disrespected” by all the talk concerning how he and his Warriors teammates would have to sacrifice shots and the like with Durant’s arrival.

“… I’m not sacrificing [expletive], because my game isn’t changing,” Thompson said, via The Vertical.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes the Warriors to iron out any chemistry issues created by Durant’s arrival. Much like when LeBron James first joined the Miami Heat, it could take some time for everyone to get on the same page.

But should it be a seamless transition? Look out. Either way, Thompson should expect to keep hearing questions about the Warriors “superteam.”

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