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Seattle community college offering class for bandwagon Seahawks fans


Green River College, a community college about 25 miles outside of Seattle, is offering a course that helps explain the game of football to fans who recently jumped on the Seahawks’ bandwagon.

Entitled, “Seattle Football 101: The Basics,” the course’s content and subject matter is explained on the school’s official site as follows:

Have you recently jumped on the football bandwagon? If so, you may want to understand or review basic football rules, positions, terms, and scoring. As most ardent football fans can agree, the best time to ask questions about football may NOT be during the game! Join this fun, interactive class as we use our home team as a model for learning the basics of football which will help you enjoy the game even more. CEUs: .35

Expect fans who passionately follow the Seahawks’ rivals in the NFC West to have a field day with this one. The “12th Man” fan base (or “The 12s” as they’re also called) have been frequently criticized  — fairly or not — for being bandwagon jumpers as a result of the team’s recent run of success.

That said, if there are any Sehawks bandwagon jumpers taking courses at Green River College interested in registering for “Seattle Football 101: The Basics,” there unfortunately no classes currently available. And with only a few weeks before Week 1, time is running out.

Perhaps taking in a few preseason games could provide Seattle football neophytes with a rudimentary knowledge of the game before the Seahawks host the Miami Dolphins in the season opener at CenturyLink Field on Sept. 11. Couldn’t hurt.